Day 5.

15 Mar

Today was pretty similar to Day 4. I did the treadmill again, and I noticed a little bit more foot pain at the beginning. Partway through the workout, I paused the treadmill and the app and retied my left shoe, and it went down some, so I think my shoe was just tied a little too tight. I’m also hoping that doing some leg and ankle strengthening exercises will help keep my foot position more stable.

I’m headed back to Baltimore tonight, so I’ll be trying some new things. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to see if I can hit the new YMCA in Perry Hall with my mom to do the elliptical and some strength training exercises, moving toward my goal of consistently adding in a fourth day of working out. Also, apparently it’s going to thunderstorm all day, so working out in a gym has some appeal. Then Saturday is supposed to be gorgeous out, with the sun coming up a little after 7:00, so I’ll probably sleep in a bit and then head to Honeygo Run Regional Park, which is just down the road from my family’s house. They have a path that goes around the park, but also some trails in the woods surrounding the park, so that might be a neat way to add some more variety to the workout.

Looking ahead, there are two other occasions when I know I will be out of town between now and May. Next Monday (the 26th), the Director of Admissions here and I are headed to Chicago to meet with Admissions staff from all of the other ELCA seminaries. I looked up running courses around the seminary, and found one that starts and ends on campus, and is just about the length of course I’m looking for. I emailed the Director of Admissions at the seminary to ask if it was safe and if he would recommend it, and he said it’s a great course, as it goes all around the Hyde Park area. If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for me. Then in April, I’ll be in Minneapolis for a few days. I checked out running/jogging routes there, and it looks like most of them are a little further out (I’m staying right in the middle of the city), and despite it being the midwest, many of them describe the hills on the routes as “hard.” So, I’m staying in a pretty swanky hotel with a fitness center that has some good reviews, so I’ll probably stick to the treadmill. I know I need to have a plan for working out when my routine changes, because I would be inclined to just sleep in and try to “catch up” when I got home. Right, that would definitely happen…

Oh, and Susie came along to work out this morning as well! I really appreciate her being there — no judgment for the fact that my jogging speed is the same as her walking speed (mostly due to the much longer strides she can take!), good snippets of conversation as we walk, not being the only one cursing under her breath when Billie (one of the built-in trainers in the C25K app…akin to Jillian Michaels) tells us to start jogging — it’s a win-win!


One Response to “Day 5.”

  1. Barb March 19, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    I have heard that you have to make or break an old habit you need to do it for at least a month. You are on your way!
    Back in the day when your Aunt Barb ran (yes I too accomplished the 20 min mile) It helped my feet when I took one Advil prior to going out.
    PS. The foot roll out thing..genetic. I have had physical therapists gather in a group to watch me walk. Join the freekdom!

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