Day 1.

5 Mar

The Couch-to-5k app tells you that the first day is the hardest, and I hope they mean it. I felt like I had a lot working against me before I even hit the “Start” button. First of all, when I woke up, the smell of dead skunk was so overwhelming, I considered checking under the bed. Then I couldn’t find one of articles of clothing I wanted to wear.  After settling for something different and lacing up my new shoes (admittedly, one of the things I had most been looking forward to), I stepped out my front door and saw this:

Frost? Really? This season has been entirely unable to make up its mind, and it figures that last night would bring a thin layer of snow to greet me this morning.

But, knowing that the first workout is always the hardest, I went for it. Honestly, the whole thing didn’t feel as awesome as I had hoped. The walking part was fine, but I think I got a little overzealous with the jogging, and I essentially started out sprinting for the first jogging session. Not my brightest move. My body isn’t used to working out outdoors, so my lungs got very cold very fast and I had to walk through some of the jogging portions.

Ultimately, the thing that bothered me most was my left foot. I’ve always known that I tend to roll my feet to the outside edge when walking, and the woman at Appalachian Running Company confirmed that when she watched me walk and jog the other day. I think my left foot kept trying to roll to the outside, but because I have a solid pair of shoes, they weren’t going over so easy. My left foot was at a very low grade but constant pain starting at about the six minute mark until I started my cool down. I was being much more conscious about my foot position, and I know this will take some getting used to, but I would rather correct it now than have it be a problem later.

I’m definitely looking forward to it starting to get lighter earlier. By 7:00, when I was getting to the intersection of Confederate Avenue and Middle Street, it was already very busy with cars, and a garbage truck was making its rounds on Confederate, having little concern for the few of us who were out. Ideally, I’d like to be finished by 6:30 — I’m liking this idea of blogging right after I finish a workout, but right now I’m cutting it a little close to showering and getting ready for work.

Thanks so much for all the support I’ve already received. Knowing that others are keeping up with my progress is definitely going to be a source of motivation when my discipline begins to wane. To those who have said they were thinking about doing something like this: do it. If I can start it, then you definitely can!


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